Cats and Their Care

Cat Resources on the Internet

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Cat CPR – Step by Step Guide

Common Diseases of Older Cats

Giving a Cat Fluids: An Illustrated Guide

Cat Skin Disorders – Pictures, Symptoms and Treatment

Feline Stomatitis

Feline Heart Murmurs and Dental Cleaning


PAW Cat Care Guide

Cat World

Cats International

Pregnant Cats and Nursing Kittens

Alley Cat Allies’ Neonatal Kitten Care – An excellent overview. The gold standard. Many thanks to Alley Cat Allies and to all the work they do.

Alley Cat Allies’ visual Kitten Aging Guide

Feeding Schedule Chart courtesy of Alley Cat Allies

Kitten Weight Chart courtesy of Alley Cat Allies

Kitten Progress Report courtesy of Alley Cat Allies

UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program’s Guide to Raising Orphan Kittens includes care of the pregnant and nursing mother

Longmont Humane Society’s Bottle Baby Info and Trouble-Shooting Guide includes a great weight and cc feeding guide on page 2.

Bottle Feeding Kittens

Kathleen Gallagher’s Hand Raising Orphan Kittens

Gentle Paws’ Kitten Primer

Feeding-Guidelines-for-Bottle-Baby-Kittens frequency and amount chart, courtesy of Feline ORE

Momma Mia! 7 Important Tips When Caring for Momma Cats and Kittens 

Suggested Guidelines When Caring for Bottle Babies

ASPCA’s Is it Male or Female Kitten? visual guide courtesy of ASPCA Pro

Suggested Guidelines When Caring for Bottle Babies

Feral Cats

Cats in Crisis – Why so many are homeless and how we can help them

Winter Tips

Rubberneck Totes Winter Feral Cat Houses instructions

Feline Miscellany

Origin of Domestic Cats

17 Things Worth Knowing About Your Cat


Alley Cat Allies: Becky’s Blog

Alley Cat Allies’ President and Founder Becky Robinson shares her insights on national and international news about community cats, cat caretakers, and public policy affecting community cats.

Vox Felina

This independent blog provides incisive, accessible critical analysis of claims made in the name of science by those opposed to community cats and trap-neuter-return (TNR).

ASPCApro Tools & Tips: Community Cats

Practical advice and tips for community cat caretakers, plus commentary from ASPCA thought leaders on the latest research concerning community cats and trap-neuter-return (TNR).

The Community Cats Podcast Blog

Produced by Stacy LeBaron of the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society, The Community Cats Podcast and accompanying blog provide education, information, and dialogue to create a supportive environment empowering people to help cats in their communities.

Feral Cats

Cat Magazines

Cat Fancy

American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) A professional organization of veterinarians who share an interest in providing excellence in the care and treatment of cats.  Behavioral and medical problems of cats.

American Cat Fanciers Association One of the world’s largest cat organizations, the ACFA is committed to promoting the welfare, education, knowledge, and interest in domestic, purebred and non-purebred cats.

Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) The world’s largest registry of Pedigreed Cats.

Cat Fanciers Website Offers information on cat care, shelters, breed descriptions, cat clubs and registries, and cat show dates.

Cat Health and Cat Care A very informative site, created because cats are much more than just pets. Cat Health and Cat Care is not just about taking care of your cat when he or she becomes sick.

Cat Watch Newsletter CatWatch, the extraordinary newsletter from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, is devoted to cats and those of us caring for them.

Cats Home Alone Article written by behaviorist Dr. Nicholas Dodman about how a cat’s environment may be made more user friendly.

Cats! Wild to Mild Produced by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, this site includes information on exotic cats.

CDC Healthy Pets Healthy People

Cornell Feline Health Center Many excellent handouts on care and behavioral problems

Feline Advisory Bureau An international organization that promotes the health and welfare of cats by making the latest information available to veterinarians, cat breeders, and owners.

Feline Leukemia, Feline Aids and FIP  Dr Addie, Glasgow University

The Great Cat Watch, for Wellness Sake This web site, sponsored by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and Fort Dodge Animal Health, was developed to educate you on how to recognize the subtle signs of sickness. This campaign is based on the new AAFP Feline Behavior Guidelines report and encourages twice yearly exams, as the best prevention of illness for all pets.

Indoor Cat Initiative A informational site full of useful ideas of how (and why) to enrich the lives of our iindoor cats.

Cat Care Handout from the AAHA

RISPCA’s Cat Resources on the Internet

Cat Health and Cat Care
Cornell Feline Health Center 

Denver Dumb Friends League Cat Behavior