If you’re like me, you love animals regardless if they’re furred, feathered, or quilled. I spent years rehabilitating wildlife, teaching Humane Education programs, fostering puppies and kittens, and providing care for my community in the form of a business offering doggy daycare. From the time, as a child, I could sneak animals into my room in a variety of cardboard boxes, I have loved them. Inevitably, I was found out. The kitten went elsewhere, the cricket went back outside, despite its gimpy leg. Imagine my joy when I became an adult and could decide for myself whether I could help, and what form that help could take.

I offer these links as a start in your exploration of animals. There are so many websites out there that offer detailed information about specific species, care information for a variety of different pets, whether common or exotic, natural history of wildlife, and care for particular pets. Information far more detailed and knowledgeable than I could offer you. And yet, over the years I feel as if I have read them all. I haven’t, of course, but now that I’m retired I may well explore many more.